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Proof Of View.
Backed by Masternodes.
An ultra fast and low cost blockchain for verifying advertising through PoV (Proof of View).

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All New Masternodes
Move to 2500 Coin Nodes Starts in:
Over 2,100+ nodes online


3,163,333 ABS
2,100,000+ ABS Locked in Masternodes (66.3%)
Proof of Advertisement Views
Our unique Masternode-backed Smartcontracts affords trust in programmatic advertising.

Efficiency. Before programmatic ad buying, digital ads were bought and sold by human ad buyers and salespeople, who can be expensive and unreliable. Programmatic advertising technology promises to make the ad buying system more efficient, and therefore cheaper, by removing humans from the process wherever possible. Our Smartcontracts for the first time ever decentralize this system to allow advertisers full trust in the way they spend their budgets. Because Bitcoin was the first and most widely used cryptocurrency, it is expected that other cryptocurrencies will be exchanged for Bitcoin. By exchanging ABS for BTC on a cryptocurrency exchange, you can convert Absolute Coin to Bitcoin. The rate of conversion from Absolute Coin to Bitcoin is calculated in real time using data from different exchanges. Popular trading exchanges, such as Bitcoin Buyer, can be used to trade Bitcoin. Traders can use bitcoin buyer Deutschland software to efficiently exchange Bitcoins.



Publishers post their ad for Programmatic auction.
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Impression Search

Our Smartcontract matches the ad with the correct content medium fit.

Verified Ad Delivery

Through an Absolute PoV Smartcontract the Advertiser ensures an actual human sees their content.
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Absolute Coin.
The heart of the PoV ecosystem.

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Without blockchain
the identity
No transaction
Global System
and Secure
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Download Absolute Wallet
Our custom wallet allows users to securely store their ABS Coins, send secure transactions, and host Masternodes. ABS, with its latest wallets enabling Masternodes, secure storage, and fast, low-cost transactions, is undeniably one of the best cryptos to watch in 2024. Available Now.
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Grab ABS from one of our select high volume exchanges.
Absolute. Information.
  • Name:Absolute
  • Ticker:ABS
  • Algorithm:Lyra2REv2
  • Total Supply:52.5MM
  • Block Reward30 ABS
  • Reward Share80% MN, 20% PoW
  • Block Timing90 Seconds
  • Rewards:POW, POS, POV
  • Masternodes:1000 Coins
Absolute. Roadmap.

Our Strategy and Project Plan


Dec 2017

We first created the vision for PoV


TBA 2018

The initial whitepaper was unveiled to the community


Feb 2018

Our custom main net went live


June 2018

2500 Coin Masternode deployment

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June 2018

All new website and Whitepaper Released


September 2018

Upgraded Main net goes live with new software release for PoV


Jan 2019

Advertising partnerships announced and deployed live

  • Feb 2018Our custom main net went live
  • July 20182500 Coin Masternode deployment
  • September 2018Upgraded Main net goes live with new software release for PoV
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  • package
  • management
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  • settings
  • Dec 2017We first created the vision for PoV
  • June 2018The initial litepaper was unveiled to the community
  • July 2018All new website and Whitepaper Released
  • Jan 2019Advertising partnerships announced and deployed live


Number of Live Masternodes


Size of Discord Community


Coins Locked in Nodes
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Grab our latest wallets to start earning through Masternodes, securely storing your ABS, and sending fast and low cost transactions. Today.

Frequently Questions

It is normally 60-72Hrs after starting the masternode. Pay outs after this depend on how many “Enabled” masternodes there are in the list, you should expect a daily payment base on the current numbers. Restarting your masternode will put you to the back of the payment queue.

Explorer can be found here:

Sentinel is a governance, policing and reporting service which looks after the masternodes on the network.

Short answer is yes, but if you have started the node for the first time, you will have to wait approximately 60 hours to know if the node is running correctly. To troubleshoot and determine if the node is working correctly we recommend that Sentinel is configured correctly.

You should install Sentinel in the .absolutecore folder.

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